The benefits using high resolution digital downloads

The benefits using high resolution digital downloads

Photography is in no way exempt from the digital rollercoaster that has been hurtling forward in recent years.

Cameras have become so advanced that it is mind blowing. However, this is a dream for photographers as the processors that are being used are extremely fast. This, combined with the sophisticated software we have for post processing, makes the possibilities endless. I have been using mirrorless cameras for the last few years. I work them in conjunction with prime lenses. However, I recently bought a Sony RX10iv for convenience and I can tell you this, it is a mighty piece of kit that packs a powerful punch.


So what are the benefits?


The huge bonuses that have come from these advancements are that it is now possible to buy High Resolution image files as digital downloads.

This has changed things completely for both the photographer and consumer.

The photographer no longer has to worry about the logistics, while the consumer receives a high resolution file that is fully prepared for print. The consumer can choose to use a local framer, saving on shipping fees and supporting local business.



What are digital downloads?

They are quite simply image files that you can download from your computer to store and use digitally, or that can be printed off on to the medium of your choice as outlined previously.


So there you have it, there is no real technical knowledge needed. Just download, use and enjoy the benefits.

I will be continuously adding new High Resolution Digital Downloads to this site.

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