The Sun Chaser

The Sun Chaser

Chasing sunrises and sunsets can be quite challenging - especially when you are climbing mountains to achieve the results.

All seasons have their challenges. Regardless of the time of year, you still have to go up or come down in the dark.

Of course, in winter, you can start your ascent a little later in the mornings as the sun doesn't come up until around 8am. This means setting the alarm for 4am. Its nice to try different mountains which involves a couple of hours driving in some instances just to get to the base of the mountain.

My friends in different parts of the world may smile when I say the highest mountain we have here in Ireland is Carrauntoohil, in The Kingdom of Kerry, in the South West corner of Ireland and measures at a staggering 1038m. 

Yes, that may seem rather small, but I can assure you that setting off to hike that with a lot of equipment on your back is not easy at all. 

Spring and summer are of course warmer, however, to catch a sunrise requires setting the alarm for approximately 1.30am in the morning as the sun comes up just before 5am at its peak in the June summer solstice. It is probably a good idea not to go to bed at all.




I have always loved to hike. And I have always loved photography. 

The feeling of being on top of a peak at sunrise is special. In most cases you have the 'world' to yourself (apart from the sheep). And to be there capturing those moments through the lens and being able to share that joy with others is irreplaceable.

My favourite mountain range to hike is the Mournes in County Down, Northern Ireland.



Colin McMahon
Colimac Photography
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