Digital Download Terms

The Seller retains all intellectual property rights in the Digital Image, including the sole copyright to the Digital Image.

Nothing in this Agreement shall operate to transfer, assign or otherwise grant any party any right or interest in the Seller's intellectual property rights or affect ownership by the Seller of intellectual property rights with regard to the Digital Image.

Any use, under any conditions not specifically allowed for in this Agreement, may constitute a violation of the copyright laws of Ireland or international copyright agreements.

The Buyer shall not falsely represent that they are the original creator of the Digital Image.

Export Laws In order to purchase a licence for the Digital Image,  Facsimile signatures are binding and are considered to be original signatures. All monetary amounts in this Agreement refer to the euro (EUR), and all payments required to be paid under this Agreement will be paid in EUR unless the Parties agree otherwise in writing.

Colimac Photography is a personal photographer’s gallery, which gives the consumer the opportunity to purchase the license to a digital image.


This will enable you to produce:

  • Prints & Frames for domestic purposes
  • Production of personal gifts
  • Prints for all lifestyle products
  • Personal galleries
  • Downloads are not transferrable and are for the sole use of the buyer.

This license option is activated with a secure downloadable link after a successful checkout.

Commercial licenses are available on request. Please email