When I buy a digital download how will I receive the file? 

When you check out you will receive a secure download link from the site.

Please refer to the digital delivery section.

What can I do with the file when I buy the licence?

Your personal licence will allow you to use the file for your own personal use. i.e sharing with a local framing store to receive a frame, canvas wraps or any other personal products. The licence is non transferrable nor is it to be used in any commercial sense.

What are the advantages to a digital download?

They give you the opportunity to use them as you please, within the licence terms

Regarding framing you save a lot on shipping fees  by using them with a local store, where you will have a lot more choice of frames than online. And minimising the risk of the product being damaged. Please read my blog on the advantages.

If the frame sizes that the image suits does not suit me, can I ask for size that is of personal preference to me?

Of course, just reach out via email or WhatsApp and I will be happy to assist.

Do you provide frames?

Again, I will work with you on this, I am always open to chat. But please give me a few hours to respond. Just get in contact.

Regarding the physical products on your site, can I pick any digital image I like from your site, and have it printed on one of your products?

Absolutely, just let me know which image to match to which product and I will have the checkout link sent to you by email.

Are there commercial licences available for your shots?

Please get in touch directly regarding commercial licences.

Do you accept returns on the Digital Downloads?

No, the digital downloads are non refundable.

Do you accept returns on the physical products?

Please refer to our refund policy

Do you do photoshoots or commercial photography?

Yes I cover some photoshoots geography allowing. See Here