Galtymore, Limerick/Tipperary


Galtymore  is a mountain standing at  917.9 metres (3,011 ft 6 in), it is one of Ireland's highest mountain. Galtymore is the 4th-highest of any peak in Ireland, which classifies Galtymore as a  "major mountain". 

Galtymore is the highest of the Galty Mountains, or Galtee Mountains, a mountain range with 24 peaks above 100 metres (330 ft), which runs east-west for thirty kilometres. The mountain is accessed by hillwalkers via the 3–4 hour Black Road Route, but is also summited as part of the longer 5–6 hour Circuit of Glencushnabinnia, and the at least 10–hour east-to-west crossing of the entire range, called the Galtee Crossing, which is climbed annually in the Galtee Challenge.


This hike is rather challenging. I normally hike alone, but on this particular occasion I hiked with someone, which was great because at times the hike was mentally challenging. After we ascended the deep ridge from Lough Curra the weather changed dramatically. We experienced high winds like I had never experienced before. Showers of hail battered off our faces. We made it to a rock shelter approx 500 metres from Galtymore summit. We took that opportunity to rest and have some tea and a snack hoping that things would calm down. It was clear that we had to move on to keep warm and make it to the top.



If you plan on doing this hike make sure to check the weather forecast before setting out and be prepared in poor weather as the trail can get wet after rain. Also remember that the weather forecast in general will never predict what can happen at 900 metres. Downloading the offline map  from Alltrails before setting out is advised. This map does not include the Ice Road from Lough Curra which we done.



This is an incredible countryside loop that takes in a variety of sights and terrains as you make your way around. But never underestimate the power of the mountains !