Temple Hill & Lyracappul


Temple Hill and Lyracappul are in the Galty Mountains, in Limerick. In the Bronze Age, Temple Hill was a place of worship. Lyracappul is the second-highest point in Limerick. This is a difficult route that should only be attempted with significant prior planning. Please check the weather forecast beforehand. There is a significant amount of elevation gain so make sure to come prepared with proper gear and plenty of water.


It isn't clear in a lot of guide books and Apps where exactly to start this hike. So let me tell you what I done.

I parked at the community centre in a little village called Anglesboro. Walk down into the centre of the small village. There will be a shop called Lane's on the right hand side. If you fancy stocking up on some snacks or having a Coffee Kevin in the shop will welcome you with a warm smile and a friendly chat. Continue out past the shop for about 800 metres until the road bends to the left and then to the right, you will then see the waymarkers on the right hand side that will lead you directly up Temple Hill.


One little tip that I will give here. You may come to a point where it isn't that clear on the correct route. This is at a wooded junction. But if you look to the left you will see a little stile that takes you into the field. This is what opens you up to the direct route up to Temple Hill. See Image below.


This hike is fabulous and requires a moderate level of fitness to complete. Once you clear the wooded area there are sweeping views of the surrounding countryside that will literally take your breath away. 

As like any other hike, always come prepared for all eventualities as the mountains can always surprise you. Bring plenty of water & snacks.



You can check out the route on Alltrails Here