"Turn Of Phrase"

The Turn Of Phrase
When I started posting my photos on social media - Twitter in particular - I wanted not only to post a photo, but to give that photo some meaning.
All the images that I have in my collection here are named. I wanted to allow the viewer into my life a little and let them know exactly how I felt at the time of capture.
I don't set off with my camera every day to take hundreds of photos. As a matter of fact, there are days I go out with my camera and do not take any photos at all. Why? I just don't feel the photo. And if I don't feel the photo there is very little chance that the viewer will.
Those who follow me on social media will know it was never about the amount of likes or retweets etc I gained. I always said that if the photo 'I felt' made a difference to one person's day, that's all that mattered.
You may ask, 'Is adding a turn of phrase to your photo not intrusive?' I have been questioned so many times about what the turn of phrase on a photo actually means. And that is the beauty of words. One quote can mean so many different things to so many different people as they pass through countless stages of their lives. My caption was only for me to know.
I was late to the social media scene. I have to be honest, I was always such a private person that it scared me a little to go on there, but it has been the best move I have made. The communities I am part of are so supportive and inspiring.

Colin McMahon
Colimac Photography